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Hangzhou Rollmed Co., Ltd.
Fornitore multi-specialità
Prodotti principali: Tubo di raccolta del sangue, vetrino per microscopio, tazza per urina, tubo di collegamento di aspirazione, maschera per l'ossigeno
Annual sales US $8,117,684Offline trade shows attended(1times)ODM services availableMulti-Language capability:

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Hangzhou Rollmed Co.,Ltd mainly deals in wholesale and retail: Medical equipment (see details) "The People's Republic of China Medical Device OperatingEnterprise License"). Wholesale and retail: Instruments and meters, chemical reagents (except chemical dangerous goods and precursor chemicals); Import and export of goods (except for items prohibited by national laws and administrative regulations.


Items restricted by laws and administrative regulations can only be operated after obtaining permits )., We have good products and a professional sales and technical team. Our company belongs to the Hangzhou medical equipment processing company industry.